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Piper Property Management

Piper Property Management?

Piper Property Management is a professional and experienced independent property management business, offering a Premium Property Management Service to our Clients. We manage quality high end executive property, family homes, apartments and units. We are available at times to suit our clients – definitely not just 9 to 5.  You will always deal with the owner of the business –Dot Piper – isn’t that a nice change?

What makes us different?

The sole focus of our business is residential property management. We are a little different from most real estate agencies where their main focus is sales.  Our attention is on our Owners and Tenants and the satisfaction achieved offering a personalised customer service business.  Whether it is an executive home or an apartment, all our properties are presented in a spotless condition and well maintained, attracting discerning tenants.

Customer service?

Remember good old fashioned customer service?  Our business is based on customer service. We have high standards of service, professionalism and experience and you should expect nothing less.

How much are you really paying?

Do you choose a property management company because they offer the lowest fees and tell you a high rent to get your business?  It goes back to “you get what you pay for.”   You may be offered a low management fee but have you checked that there are no “hidden extras”?  If your property is not managed well, it really doesn’t matter what discounted management fees you receive – your property is not being managed and after all, isn’t that what you are paying for?